The Future Of Cooking. Vertically

Cooking appliances, what a dull topic. Wrong. With the kitchen one of the most important rooms in any home, there is always a strong argument for appliances and surfaces to be as equal in design as those found in any living room, bedroom or garden. Introducing Adriano Design, a design studio which has been established since 1997 and has worked in collaboration with prominent companies at their home country Italy and abroad such as Foppapedretti, Scavolini, Olivetti, OGTM, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Bemis and Melitta; could the studio's latest project be the future of cooking?

As anyone with a small home knows, space saving and efficiently using every space is of utmost importance, and this new appliance is certainly high on both functional and design aesthetic agendas. Titled the 'Ordine', such an appliance seems interesting beyond curiosity and introduces the idea of having wall-hanging induction-cooktops, storable after use as if they were pots and pans.

Whilst we might all be absolutely familiar with the conventional premise of seeing cooking surfaces horizontally on kitchen surfaces, having them flexible in application and storage (by 90 degrees) actually seems all rather commonsensical. Characterised with a certain beauty alongside such obvious space-saving opportunities, Adriano Design might really be onto something here. With the concept bourne entirely from the wide acknowledgement that homes - and their kitchens - are getting smaller as the world gets more and more populous, SATORI & SCOUT can certainly appreciate the invention's merits.

Somewhat similar to any of Bang & Olufsen's world-renown speaker systems, we wonder what the Danish company's thoughts are on the design's shape and minimalist aesthetics. Look similar? To be an integral part of any kitchen's decor as much as providing a fundamental function to any home, what are your thoughts? With each of the hobs powered by attachable cords that loop back to the main power unit, would you install this as an option in your kitchen; cost-depending, of course? Progressive industrial design by every stretch of the imagination - in which Adriano Design's Enigma and Cucinotta designs are also pictured in the gallery -, SATORI & SCOUT wonders if we will start seeing these arrive at trade shows in the future years. We reckon so...

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Photography credit : Adriano Design

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