Open Plan Flat Of Aged Industrial Metal

The team at SATORI & SCOUT are often scouters (and recipients) of unusual homes and designs, and upon discovering any such media, our team always discuss together their design validity, inspiration, general awesomeness etc; never have we ever seen a home so small, so industrial, so unique.

Titled (simply) the Zero Room apartment, this home is just 35 square metres in dimensions, is located in Budapest (Hungary), and is sure to receive many website visitor views as our readers try to work out what exactly is going on. Maximised to the maximum, industrialised beyond comfort, this home has been completely renovated in terms of being open plan, but also stripped down to its bare minimums. Without any subsidiary rooms, the apartment's main space houses all of the kitchen, dining area, living area and bedroom, combined to create a holistic decor and atmosphere.

Without anything over superfluous, the futuristic home features greenery and living plants to create a juxtaposition against the harsh industrial decor colours and materiality.

Designed by Masepiteszek, discover more.

Photography credit : Masepiteszek

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