DIY Pinball Wizard (Game)

Remember the days of arcade games and pinball? Don't we all, and now you have the chance of making your own pinball machine. Offering a customisable table in which a little imagination will go a long way, it takes but 30-60 minutes to configure your pinball table to exactly how you want it. For a man's loft, cool workplace, family studio or children's den, this idea is wide-ranging in audience.

A DIY Kit by MAKE & PLAY, the customisable Makerball allows you to design your very own pinball game and we wonder, would you go for easy, difficult or insane level? Fairly simple in that the DIY kit comprises mostly wood components that allow you to self-assemble via some nifty instructions with just a screwdriver, upon completion of the table's build, it's time to get truly creative! Offering basic obstacles that include a roster of rubber, wooden and copper ideas, you can easily install them wherever on the perforated playing field.

With the chance to design, make and install your own obstacles, or even use everyday objects lying around, the Makerball goes even one step further with a smartphone app to allow to make the creation competitive - a scorecard! Though the design lacks any lights and sounds to truly eclipse the old school vibes, SATORI & SCOUT reckon the Makerball more than makes up in many ways via it's customisable concept.

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