Soothing Ross Gardam Pivot Light

We all know that good lighting is perfect for creating a wonderful atmosphere, where the quick change of a space being relaxing or utterly buzzing is both fun and quite awesome. Lighting can also create some wonderful shapes, and these wall lamps by Ross Gardam can create these soothing eclipse-like effects that are weirdly rare to find. Quite essentially, each lamp is like a permanent solar eclipse.

Via a hinge at it's rear, each circular shade is backlit and together creates moon-like geometries. With a varying positioning form that is easily adjustable, the resulting playful shapes would look ideal in any hallway, kitchen or bedroom. Perhaps 3 in a row, various combinations at various heights, or singularly, SATORI & SCOUT like the aspirational lifestyle qualities behind such a design.

Subtle and simple, the way in which the light is directable and that the light is unobtrusive, is quite soothing. Dimmable and available in white, black dusk pink, midnight blue or mirror gold, these wall lamps launched at Melbourne's Denfair 2017. Discover more and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Ross Gardam

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