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The aspirational lifestyle that SATORI & SCOUT promotes is about defining your style and discovering the world's creations; our team are always keen to discover and share design quirks. Having recently featured creations from Japan, Germany and America, our attention has this time turned to Great Britain where Suck UK (yes, that is their name) is a commonplace brand that creates against-the-norm gifts and accessories; all really quite cool.

The products that Suck UK offer are certainly more than awesome enough for your home, studio, children's play space or workplace, and via their stylish humour, all their quirky gifts certainly appeal to all various age groups and continually grab people's attention. As individual as they are collective, Suck UK offer a treasure trove of fun, and their innovative, colourful and stylish products can be found in hundreds of high street stores across the UK. Have you ever found yourself perhaps down at work on a dull day, or bored while relaxing at home(?); Suck UK will certainly have a gift of comical interest.

Within the Suck UK roster of products, mugs, stationary, office gifts, gadgets, umbrellas, kitchen utensils, creative games, home accessories and ornamental pieces can all be found. Get messy, be creative or wash away Britain's drizzly weather and immerse yourself in Suck UK's awesomeness. All of the brand's cool shopping ideas range from a modest £2 to £200, and you will always find new, unique and useful objects that you may not actually want to ever put down! Of clever and innovative design, and with beautiful packaging, you might even desire tens if not twenties of their items. Here's four popular designs that SATORI & SCOUT particularly like:

Firstly, the Cross Stitch Map is a fantastic way to 'stitch your travels around the world'. A world map that is printed on cross stitch fabric and mounted between two wooden bars, you are able to reproduce all of your worldly explorations in one creative, happy place. Whether you have travelled by plane, train, car (or dare we say it, legs and feet), get involved with a bit of crafty cross-stitching and make your adventure last forever, and on display to everyone! Enabling an innovative reflection of every exotic (or local) holiday, adventure or perhaps school trip, use differently coloured threads for each journey and personalise your experiences with icons and text. With all the various colours and needles you need to create your own art, the Cross Stitch Map is a lovely crafted gift.

Of similar ilk, the Cork Globe will enable you to 'pinpoint your travels'. Enabling you to either plan your future travels or pinpoint your previous adventures, the two-sized globe will certainly help you complete your bucket list. Made from cork and mounted on a stainless steel base, the cork globe is a gift that oozes quality. Been there? Done that? Show off your globetrotting exploits for all to see. We have already marked several locations on our globe.

Equally quirky but certainly less explorative, the Bottle Light is 'a rechargeable light that turns bottles into lamps'. Not wanting to encourage throwing away your empty bottles, the Bottle Light can make cosy and interesting lights from any of your favourite vintage bottles. Useful when particularly used outdoors, a candle in a wine bottle doesn't fare too well with the wind, yet this light will shine-on in the rain.

Supposing the rain continued, the Colour Changing Umbrella is one that 'changes to bright colours when wet'. Would anyone want anything more? Manufactured with special ink that is white when dry but comes to life when in contact with water, the umbrella would be the coolest accessory in your possession whether you're a playful adult, teenager or child. Countering all rain-related sadness, this umbrella would really set you apart in a rainbow of ways.

Born in 1999 from design graduates of furniture and industrial origins, the founders began Suck UK's life in their lowly London workshop. Via continual product range development and collaborations with talented designers to create unique products, SATORI & SCOUT really cannot decide our favourite product that they offer - perhaps the cross stitch map, as above. Creatives who think and make things happen and products realised, even the witty taglines are created by the studio. How authentic.

Heightening the curiosity about the brand - we're assuming you've already thought about this by now - why would you call a brand Suck UK? A commercial urban myth, you'll seemingly never get a straight answer about where the name originated from, and "...a different name would have saved years of hasty phone explanations", Suck UK reflects. Standing out from the crowd, delivering memorable products of both innovation and wit, Suck UK love to surprise expectations of everyday function, and it is such memorability that the Suck UK name has stood the test of time. Now you know.

An aspect often overlooked, but duly considered when raised to attention, Suck UK are ethical producers. Committed to sourcing quality materials and working with suppliers who regard common principles such as social and environmental factors highly; SATORI & SCOUT are big believers in such commitments. As such, enjoy and share your gifts in the safe knowledge of their authentic origins.

Available in all the coolest retail shops all over the world, Suck UK are literally on offer in thousands of independent stores and tens of department stores; you might even say that Suck UK is London's two best kept shopping secrets at Westfield in Shepherds Bush or at the Oxo Tower on Bargehouse Street. Highly obtainable, there is no reason why any birthday, impulse purchase or stocking filler (yes, Christmas!) should go untold... Discover the entire collection of things online at

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