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It is no secret that SATORI & SCOUT have recommended a few homes from The Modern House in the past, and with such an array of fantastic homes in their portfolio, today we arrive at another in the form of an earthy-decor-clad interior that connects to its exterior in a vast array of occasions.

As The Modern House describes, "...the expansive open-plan living area has exposed brick walls and is centred around a soaring void with large, electric skylights." Such a simple premise of everything centred about the home really gives the space a certain homely character, but suchlike is matched with the earthy decor, full of touchable concrete and exposed brick walls and invasive plants. Located above a pub in London (UK), this bright two-bedroom apartment is stunning in SATORI & SCOUT's eyes. Designed by architect Mark Zudini, the clever juxtaposition of raw structural materials, large amounts of glazing and perfect-white walls is all very appealing.

All of the materials on offer are available in each room throughout the home, whether that be the expansive open-plan living area or the bathroom upstairs. All centred about the central void which soars into the sky and summiting at some skylights, the contrast between small and large spaces is equally commendable. With all windows carefully positioned to capture a particular angled view, panorama or orientation towards the direct sunlight, you would be hard-done-by to have a favourite room or space.

Connecting both floors is another exposed element: a plywood staircase (which also conceals a WC and storage space). Such a feature tries to compete with the light sources for the centre of your eye's gaze, however, such efforts are futile given the bold counter-levered bedroom that protrudes over the living space. Arguably giving 'privacy' a run for its money, SATORI & SCOUT kind of like this semi-private cum casual idea, perhaps an inspiration for us all to be more bold with our bedroom renovations.

Offering incredible views across the London skyline, the home continues to it's exterior with a balconette from the bedroom. Though you might wonder why you would store your bike in such a location, as pictured, you could be forgiven that such a bike rack location gives further evidence to the hipster approach that this architect and home-owner have taken. Discover more about the property online at:

Photography credit : The Modern House

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