Angled Cone Home Upon Swedish Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is certainly a curious place in Sweden, and with its abundance of water and land edges, there are a huge opportunities for architecture to thrive. Often offering a great relationship, a waters edge can bring about fantastic architecture in both aesthetics and function. With its own beach and jetty, the Cone House certainly looks great upon its sloping lakeside with its form all so to accentuate its topography.

Consisting of three floors that are more complex than any masquerade, the internal spaces have ceilings that range from 2.5 - 7m high, and there are lots of vistas within the home between each functional space. With vast glass panes and large skylights that wonderfully contrast the various rooms from their openness of the interior to be private and homely against the exterior, the Cone Home is a curious design. A rich combination of craftsmanship, materiality and form, this wonderfully minimalist home and its' nestled location is certainly unique.

Design by Stockholm based architects Trigueiros, the structure immediately draws any passer-by's eye and with its breathtaking views, you'd have to question is it better to be outside or inside of the home, as they're both great. The superior external cladding is bold while the internal white walls are subtle, the building's form is statement-like while the interior is understated. Of angled curiosities, SATORI & SCOUT really like the Cone Home.

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