Children's Interactive Story Wall

Wood that emits light is perhaps a strange thought, but such has been achieved by some Australian innovators and hopes the technology becomes adopted world over in health centres, schools and areas of play, perhaps even find place in the entertainment industry.

ENESS is combining art and technology and have designed walls that literally come to life through their light-emitting wood which has been named LUMES. Having just seen their wall's inaugural installation at Cabrini Hospital Malvern in Melbourne (Australia) by being included in such building's design by architects DesignInc, the health centre's patients (perhaps mostly children) can interactively play in the interactive stories that are played out by LUMES. A creative idea to help inspire and activate people's minds, SATORI & SCOUT certainly see place for this technology in many applications.

The LUMES light-emitting wall systems are triggered by passing visitors who in turn, set off colourful and animated animals and landscapes. Initially only available in veneer for the architect's to design with, ENESS are hoping to expand upon such so that the creative ieda can ahve further application without boundary.

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