Light For Family Comforts

As part of the aspirational lifestyle comes chilling in the comfort of your family and friends, and if you're lucky enough to own a back garden that offers beautiful night sky views, or perhaps one with a back door to a park and a wider community, there will always be room for music and fun. Partial to such entertainment is light, and whilst light is readily available in today's technological age, Koncept's Mr. GO! portable LED light is perhaps that final addition to the romantic / vibrant scene.

As clever as it is versatile, the Mr. GO! portable LED lantern is great to be carried around with you whenever you need some extra lighting, perhaps perfect as well as a companion for those essential camping adventures. Minimalist in design and flirting with colours by their internal panels, the friendly design has been really considered. As an oval silhouette that lends itself to easy carrying and being an inherently unconventional and curious design, the impressive lighting device is functional for both indoors and outside.

Fear that the night of entertainment will be over when the candles go out? Don't worry, this wonderful little design will prevent you from being placed in the inevitable darkness. Complete with a leather strap to hang the LED lantern from a tree, an umbrella, or anywhere you need light, the Mr. Go! LED lantern's bright lights and hues of grey, orange, blue, green, and white will really boost anywhere's scene. Lasting 5 hours with it's battery at it's highest brightness setting and lasting 20 hours when set at the lowest level setting, the light even offers the ability to fully charge your phone twice. Smart stuff.

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