Modern Renovation Of Joseph Eichler's Work

Not a Joseph Eichler home from the 1940's that has been preserved and lived in for so long, but a renovation that has a wonderful resemblance to the well known late architect's work, this residence is certainly one to admire. Known for his post-war modern style in California, Eichler was perhaps best known for his influential effort in introducing modern architecture and design to the general public, and make it not just for custom residences or large corporate buildings; as such, this home is very true to Eichler's original design ideas.

Renovated by American-based Klopf Architecture, the architects have vast experience of designing representations of Eichler's work, knowing all too well about the work of the American design influencer. Located in Sunnyvale, California (USA), the home owners of this residence (and much like all of Klopf's other clients) have a passion for architecture, a love of openness in design and the lifestyle that Eichler-inspired designs embody. Klopf Architects see their Eichler-related projects as a chance to 'update the classics' and re-invigorate such homes to meet the needs of 21st century families, and as you look through the gallery you will certainly be able to identify classic features of the last 80 years. Much like most 20th century homes, many are now outdated of modern living cultures and routines, and it is quite refreshing to see such work and efforts in reinvigorating designs of the past. With over 130 Eichler and mid-century modern homes to their portfolio, Klopf Architects are widely known for their respectful renovation approach and this home is no different - a great example of their work, in fact.

Most clients of Klopfs that desire an Eichler inspired renovation want to make their homes work better for their family's routine and lifestyle while concurrently desiring a colourful modern home, much like the designer's original homes of yesteryear. A respectful renovation, the kitchen, dining, and living spaces have been opened up to become one large space, whilst the bathrooms and master suite have been replaced with extensions added to the office spaces. All of mid-century style, the colours that inhibit the home and are echoed throughout make a direct reference to Mondrian's famous red, blue and yellows. With a similar aesthetic to Gerrit Rietveld's work, Eichlers' homes were really successful in design and functionality, and such a renovation prolong's their design influence significance.

Materiality in particular was a great concern for mid 20th century design influencers, and Klopf's concrete floor tiles give a feel of yesteryear, whilst its fireclay tiles give a contemporary aesthetic - a lovely complementary contrast. The beams that make their presence known in the open plan spaces and the relationship between the inside and outside (with beams spanning through both) are also particularly characterful of the 1940s. All barriers between the inside and out have been broken down and multiple spaces have been transformed together to promote a lifestyle that best utilises both environments. As a mid-century Eichler home that revolves around its central atrium, SATORI & SCOUT love this home renovation. Discover more about the architect's other work at

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