Bee's Favourite Beepot Hotel

How SATORI & SCOUT loves to share the latest of modern design, home decor ideas and aspirational lifestyle interests, an idea that arguably coves all three is that of bees. Yes, bees. Without doubt understood to be part of - if not, the most - fundamental stages of the food chain, the little flying critters are in fact in massive decline, and SATORI & SCOUT are hoping you can help turn this around. As the keenest of wildlife lovers will know, three kinds of bees exist: bumblebees, honeybees and solitary bees, and the latter are generally considered to be the remarkable unsung heroes of the pollinating world (trying to think of a human role model equivalent, but we'll let you fill in this blank).

Entirely responsible to some degree for around a third of all the food that you find in any supermarket, local store or naturally, solitary bees (read more here) are generally forgotten when it comes to bee education. A novel and contemporary form-follows-function idea that Green & Blue have designed and manufactured is their range of bee houses that are available in the form of wall bricks and garden planters. Able to feature the bee house brick in any allotment, garden or house wall, such an idea is wonderfully subtle, but it is the brand's new 'BEEPOT' hotel that has particularly attracted our attention. With each design safe and stylish nesting sites for solitary bees, the homes are the ideal bee environment, so simple yet beautifully imagined. Available in white concrete or charcoal-coloured, the BEEPOT expands the original range by adding a foodsource to the local habitat. Working by having a cavity area that provides an area for egg-laying and recurring birth cycles, this feature is combined with a plant pot shaped space for pollinator planting, and the bees could not be happier. Ideal for a personal gift and/or sharing the bee caring, these contemporary homes will be appreciated by humans and bees alike.

In context of the massive decline that solitary bees are facing, the integration of their new home into your garden, whether urban or rural, will help contribute the vital pollination that they provide in this world's natural environment. SATORI & SCOUT reckon any walled garden, contemporary courtyard or rural setting will be nicely complemented by such designs; entirely safe for children as solitary bees are known to be non-aggressive, maybe their presence will even be as a pet? Based in Cornwall (UK), Green & Blue began as a husband and wife studio with product design backgrounds (Dyson, to name drop) and today sees them as essentially wildlife's very own design brand ambassadors.

Remaining passionate since day one, it is clear to see that innovative simplicity resonates in each of Green & Blue's various designs, from bird feeders, wildflower seed-bombs, bird houses and the aforementioned bee houses. With all attention on protecting the environment and promoting aspirational wellbeing, SATORI & SCOUT have our beehouse and will be sharing all it's bee-related garden glory for years to come. Discover more about the garden product designers online at:

Photography credit : Green & Blue

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