The Alps Pigna Pine Cone Treehouse

Architectural treehouses, they must be up there with the most aspirational home features, surely? What could be better than living (or at least pretending to) inside a tree? Offering magnanimous panoramic views across the Alps, SATORI & SCOUT thinks this refuge is simply stunning, inside and out. Designed by Architetto Claudio Beltrame, this Pigna treehouse project is compact and light, yet well-sized and solid built. A design competition back in 2014, this new build can now be found in the Italian part of the Alps, near Tarvisio (Italy).

Comprising two structures that are raised 10 metres above the ground, this treehouse requires a bridge to enter from it's nearby higher ground. Seemingly hovering above ground, the Pigna treehouse has three levels: at entrance level a cosy internal area presents itself with a panoramic covered terrace beyond; beneath this, an open caged floor that enables 360 degree views; and on top floor, an absolutely stunning domed roofscape with a skylight can be found, complete with a bed within. In the shape of a pine cone, the treehouse is naturally very structural as well as highly aesthetically pleasing.

In the internal floor space, a compact kitchen, bathroom and living area can be found. Entirely made from xlam wood that is insulated with fiber, this pine cone Pigna treehouse is completed with larch shingles to give that natural aesthetic. Measuring a cool 8.5 metres vertically and 6 metres in width, this is no normal treehouse. Discover more about the architect project online at:

Photography credit : Architetto Beltrame
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