Charming Israeli Townhouse Packs A Punch

The rise in popularity of renovating and creating beautiful townhouses is no coincidence to the popularity of Instagram. Obviously entirely independent of one another, this house is about as Instagram-friendly as we are sure that Earth exists in this solar system; it's perfect.

Located in Tel Aviv (Israel), the townhouse is appropriately called The Charm and was designed by Meirav Galan Architects and Shai Fogel Architects as a neo renovation. Across three floors and complete with an understorey basement, historic details are subtly shown on the facades of it's four facades and inside. Entirely modern and family-orientated inside, the home flirts with multi-storey rooms and features many spaces that are perhaps more akin to a five-star hotel. Entrance into the house is via a full height space in the corner of the building whilst the streetside's window's shutters are entirely respectful to the local architecture. Preserving the window details on the front, the rear of the home offers window shutters that cascade upwards as and when needed for sun protection and ensuring that that Instagram photo has the necessary amount of light for that perfect shot.

A home that is internally facing but still respecting the outside, upon entrance into the home you are presented with an industrial-themed staircase that leads you through the spaces of the home. Most rooms open plan and with white walls, the remainder of the colour palette is neutral in tone. With quality timbers such as walnut offering contrast from the white and black detailing, the modern finishes of each room entirely takes you aback and cements the idea in the head that this place is just beautiful. With the roof's shape instructing the internal ceiling of the top floor (cue fantastic architectural detailing), a cosy balconette attic room becomes the finale of the home, offering panoramic views of the sea and neighbourhood; a fantastic outdoor seating area is only bettered by the small swimming pool that is found sunken into the ground 3 floors below.

With furnishings that are contemporary but native in theme, the colours of purple and green resonate through every room to fluidly interconnect each and every space as one. Homeowners, we are jealous. Discover more about the architect project online at:


Photography credit : Amit Geron
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