Indoor Together Tent Hostel

The growth of AirBnb is quite something, and alongside the 'travel-without-a-hotel' idea, hostels have also seen a resurgence in popularity. Architect's Cao Pu have taken this all a step further, however. Whats your opinion on sleeping in incubator-like tents in one massive room alongside strangers? Do read on. Named The Together Hostel and located in Beijing (China), the company is aiming to bring people together in new experiences. A high level of intimacy with strangers, yet still individually separated, is certainly a novel idea. To promote socialising between strangers, the project occupies a single floor in a hotel (iconic, huh?) where the idea came about by festival accomodation (or lack of).

As Cao Pu explains, "We set up tents in the camping space. A huge tent serves as the public space where people can have meals and beverage, read, chat, play, share or even hold their activities. smaller tents are for staying." With various-sized tents on offer, from an exclusively double bed area, smaller more compact smaller tent area, and a large tent public space, the tents are stacked and overlapped to create a coherent, boundary-pushing environment. Each complete with sockets, lights and a bed, you are never far from civilisation, but equally too, never far from your neighbour either. Made from timber, the polycarbonate structures are complemented by an office, cafe bar, kitchen and restroom facilities. As a unique 'indoor camping' scene, would you consider visiting for the societal experience or as an alternative to AirBnb?

SATORI & SCOUT are not quite sure if this will catch on. Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : Cao Pu

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