Bi-Functional Tech x Furniture Hi-Fi

Moving swiftly on from Tiffany & Co's recent Essentials collection, SATORI & SCOUT's attention next turns to that of JLA Sound System. A new brand on the electronics block, their new-release high-fidelity wireless sound system is one that doubles up as a bedside table. Believing in an integration of sound systems (or electronics in general) and furniture, is this the beginning of a new movement in bi-usage furniture design? Named the M.1, the speaker design by JLA perfectly creates great sound whilst also being a clean, clutterless furniture unit. Promising booming base and all those beautiful high notes in any room it is placed in, whilst also providing a sturdy surface for any night drink, alarm clock et al., have you ever asked so much of a beside table? With all the fantastic tech specs that any quality speaker system provides, SATORI & SCOUT really enjoy the bi-usage of this idea.

Entirely minimal, the bedside unit is available in Baltic birch and is complete with brass or aluminium details. With both black or white options, this unit would look great in any contemporary house, whether going for the industrial look or the less is more approach. Minus all of those (hideous) cables that the keenest of our readers will understand is one of our pet-hates, the speaker€™s technology even detects when music is being transmitted to automatically turn-on. Perfectly simple and blending entirely into the background of any room, SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love this design. Discover more about the 'essentials' online at: 

Photography credit : JLA
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