The Lighter Sides Of Product Design

The finer things in life come in many ways, and too often do some of us forget the funner, lighter sides of daily progression. Andrew Neyer can help you take care of all things dull with the studio offering many bright, graphic, and fun collections. Named 'Stuff', the collection of quirky home products includes many weird and wonderful designs, and most are actually really quite unique and not just a literal 'adaptation of products into new forms'. Including a comb-shaped candelabra, a giant cactus catch-all display or a yoyo-inspired ceiling lamp, the combination of wit and functionality is really quite cool, and worth a consideration as any statement piece.

Working closely with architects, interior designers and trade professionals to design "...awesome spaces with lighting, Andrew Neyer fixtures can be found in many of the premier offices, restaurants, hotels, boutiques and design firms throughout North America and Europe...", as Andrew Neyer explains. Inspired by the kids toy that has perhaps recently stepped aside in popularity to the more modern Playstation 20, the Yoyo Light is a combination of two aluminum shades that are connected in the middle to create a modern and playful light; the Cactus Catchall is a wonderfully creative green wall plate with the ability to hold anything and everything from shoes, hats, to jewellery via up to 150 hooks; and the Combdelabra is a fantastically fun statement piece for your dining table, holding up to 15 candles whilst being shaped as a fine toothed comb.

Other designs include a Pet Light for night time room illumination, a Helping Hand as a magnetic holder for your keys, a Napkin Novel that is quite literally a novel napkin holder idea and a Taffy Tissue box that holds tissues but is shaped like a sweet wrapper. An Olympics 2016 inspired and themed ceiling light and many other designs complete the collection.

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