A Chair, Sofa Or Chaise Long Myriad

Shape-shifting has finally arrived! No, not some form of Sci-Fi capability for people to transform into different beings, but the world€™s first digitally-transformable sofa. Innovated and introduced by Carlo Ratti Associati and with the support of Vitra, a manufacturer of many of the world's most internationally renown furniture designers, the Lift-Bit seating solution is really quite original. Consisting of a modular and reconfigurable upholstered seating unit that employs the fairly recent world-phenomenon of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, any user can radically define a new layout, interaction and experience with the seats and their environment.

Each of hexagonal shape, you can create your own Lift-Bit system with any number of combinations and quantities of seating units. Motorised using a linear actuator that allows the whole seat to be raised or lowered above their feet, the Lift-Bits are controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet app, or via intelligent gestures, and via a few simple changes, any number of seats within your configuration can double (or halve) its height in just a few seconds. A myriad of combinations.

Via the careful personalisation of your system, you can seamlessly transform the inhabited space from a sofa to a bed, individual chair sets to a chaise long. Ideal for residential, commercial and public space uses, Lift-Bits have already been ordered to fill future owner's living rooms, University auditoriums and company offices.

Make your entertaining area that little bit more interesting and discover more at Lift-Bit.com.

Photography credit : Lift-Bit.com


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