New Brand Scouting : Magniberg

Forever keen to discover new talent, this week's exploration has taken us to Stockholm where SATORI & SCOUT has had the pleasure of discovering Magniberg, a brand that calls a fantastic former crystal factory it's home. Specialising in bed linens the brand manufactures products in contrasting materials and colours, and by example, you may find your favourite comforts available in sateen, mesh and poplin, silk, washed jersey and even lace. Featuring decorative details such as mother of pearl buttons, it is clear that this brand is directed by someone who has had previous experience in the fashion world.

Such a title goes to Bengt Thornefors and Nina Norgren, who together have been previous fashion designers and florists - yes, both very creative. With a shared passion for the minimalist aesthetic, it is Thornefors's experience of working at fashion labels such as Saint Laurent, Kostas Murkudis and Acne Studios that has nurtured this artistic flair with Magniberg.

As Norgren explains, "...we're constantly looking for the beauty of things, regardless of gender norms. While Bengt (Thornefors) loves his pink dress, I'm the one who buys male fashion." Interesting. Continuing, "...we didn't want to exclude fabrics. Instead we combine them - think washed army green jersey contrasted with pink silk, or white poplin with metallic silver. It's like matching a pair of tailored suit trousers with your favourite T-shirt. It's about finding a balance. We don't sell sets, but rather different textiles that elevate each other. That contrast is luxury to us; we offer a wardrobe..." says Thornefors in an interview with Wallpaper magazine.

Manufactured in Portugal, quality also equals in merit their design concept. Discover more and shop online at: 

Photography credit : Magniberg
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