The Livable Design Object : Monocabin

As white as white can be, this aptly named Monocabin can be found in Rhodes (Greece) and is but the sweetest little dwelling you'll ever see. A small space with a big heart, the Monocabin was conceived around exploring the intimate space of the individual in order to create the perfect summer getaway.

Designed by Mandalaki studio, the Monocabin is literally a livable design object and explores the desire to juxtapose the sleek, streamline design of a modern structure with the organic environment of the surrounding nature. Equally white inside as it is on the outside, each piece of furniture is conceived to make space a better place to be lived in; absolutely nothing garish or futile, the Monocabin attempts to make it's guests return to oneself. On the outside, objects and spaces have been conceived around the garden to make guests appreciate Rhodes' clean air experience; functionality and simplicity have been crafted around each corner of the house.

The home has been conceived and built with perpendicular, modular concrete panels, ensuring that this house is not only easy to install but extendable to any desires. Incorporating the surrounding trees to help cool down the environment of this summer getaway, the site makes the best use of vegetation to offer a simple and effective way to provide shaded areas; peak island weather can get hot, very hot - though could this home not be made greener by the introduction of solar panels on it's roof? Characterised by there being blurred boundaries between the inside and outside, the tiny 26 square metre home is very contemporary yet traditionally Greek. Giving you the sensation of living within nature whilst also having an indoor retreat, SATORI & SCOUT cannot wait to discover this little gem of an island more.

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Photography credit : Mandalaki
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