The Great Pureness Of Maple Water

Healthy for you, harmless to a tree. What is there not to like about that scenario? Seemingly beneficial for you, without any residual irreversible effects. Ideal. Maple water from DRINKmaple is the pure and refreshing water that has been collected from the maple trees of Vermont (USA) in the spring, and with all the natural hydrating re-freshness that you would want, the drink is highly complemented with a hint of maple and tens of different nutrients.

Boasting 46 nutrients in total to its roster, the tree-sap derived drink is really quite something and SATORI & SCOUT definitely agree with the brand's commitment comments of "...we think the greatest laboratory on Earth is a tree." It is in such a natural setting of a maple forest that you'd discover such untouched, unspoiled and non-boiled water, all super hydrating and pure. As you might have predicted, the water is low calorie, gluten free, dairy free and non-GMO, and with 46 different "...polyphenols, antioxidants, prebiotics, minerals and electrolytes" (DRINKmaple), you'd think that you might be tasting something with sour taste. Really quite untrue, the DRINKmaple water is a lovely and flavoursome beverage. With half the sugar of coconut water, SATORI & SCOUT reckon all of our coconut-fan readers might just be tempted to try a change?

The brand began life when its technical team were racing an Ironman in Mont Tremblant, Quebec (Canada), and they discovered maple water. From that day DRINKmaple has advocated the philosophy that €œMother Nature is the best chemist...", whereby the sustainability of maple sap collection and the maintaining of a tree's vitality has been the same today as it was when North American explorers began tapping the water source hundreds of years ago.

SATORI & SCOUT reckon you might want to try the switch for betterment of your aspirational lifestyle.

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