Sudden Coffee Of Instant Subscription

As years have gone by, instant coffee is becoming less and less popular. Once a very common way to start the day, as people's aspirational lifestyles have improved, so too have their coffee appreciation. There need be no introduction into how popular coffee houses are across the globe, and their popularity largely stems from the convenience of having quality coffee quickly. Sudden Coffee is a new brand that has been launched as a way to make fast coffee, good coffee.

A subscription service, Sudden Coffee is available online and delivers their just-add milk / water powder in chemistry lab-like test tubes. Sourced from some of the world's best roasters available and via a secretive process, the coffee is made water soluble to be available instantly in the small pot of joy. Sudden Coffee are essentially coalescing modern coffee sensibilities with old school technology to ensure you can have a fantastic tasting cup wherever you are.

Founded by Kalle Freese, a two-time Finnish Barista Champion and 9th best ranked barista in the world in 2015, other coffee pursuits include the founding of the award-winning Freese Coffee shop in Helsinki. As you might expect with such accolades at the helm, the coffee itself is of the highest order. Fun and accessible, Sudden Coffee complements water as much as it does milk, perhaps for an instant latte.

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