Opulent Popcorn Of Gourmet Quality

Popcorn is perhaps a foodstuff item that you either love or hate, but what we can be certain about is it would rarely be considered a gourmet meal. Diz Diz is a brand that makes popcorn available in four flavours - parmigiano, curry, cinnamon and vanilla - and SATORI & SCOUT reckon you'll agree that the popcorn (and its packaging) look more than aspirationally cool. A fun and luxurious brand, the popcorn is simultaneously colourful and elegant, and really could be eaten in your home on your sofa as much as be served at a glamorous and elegant party.

Luxurious popcorn that has cool flavours, Diz Diz's marble box packaging is complete with metallic typography and pouch sleeves, and the overall awesomeness of the sweet snack oozes in every bite and crackle. A playful luxury treat, designer Elena Sancho explains that their "...first thought was to ask Who would be the most premium customer?", with the reply of "...when the idea of Olympus just popped up. We used the regal textures and aesthetic of Ancient Greece as a jumping off point...If Mount Olympus was the home of the gods, Diz-Diz is what they would have snacked on". An original theory to match a quirky product.

Of a certain opulence, particularly in the popcorn box's shape and the popcorn's dye colouring, SATORI & SCOUT would absolutely love Diz Diz to become available in Great Britain. Sancho concludes, "I feel we have elevated the simple corn kernel into a real, luxury treat."

Your tastebuds craving such sugary treat(?), discover more at Tatabi.es.

Photography credit : Tatabi.es

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