Take A Recess With Sparkling Water

Take a recess. No literally. Whilst cannabis is somewhat a voodoo topic, such has surfaced more into the public foray in recent months, particularly as certain states across USA legalise the drug. One substance in particular, the non-psychoactive compound that is found in cannabis and hemp plants - known as CBD - has been widely talked about. Though it effects are somewhat varied from person to person, Recess is a new water brand fresh out of the tap who are combining such an ingredient with various adaptogens to create sparkling water, and we have to say, the results are somewhat interesting.

A CBD-infused sparkling water form, this beverage is super low in sugar and is available in three flavours: Peach Ginger, Blackberry Chai and Pom Citrus. Complete with all sorts of herbs as ginseng for focus, Schisandra for immunity and L-theanine to reduce stress, each are certainly set to deliver 'feel good' factors upon any consumption.

Though an eight pack of cans will set you back around £35.00, these highly Instagrammable water cans are perfect for any party or afternoon pick-me-up. With the CBD being sourced from Colorado (USA), these are now available for global purchase at Recess' website, nicely named takearecess.com. Before taking such cans of 'beauty', however, it is probably worth checking with a doctor due to their herb and adaptogen ingredients.

The first question we're probably thinking you're wondering: what does CBD sparkling water taste like? Probably short of calling them a sugar drink (or soda for you Americans), but definitely bubblier than typical sparkling water, you can probably put Recess somewhere in between. Don't worry, such a beverage won't get anyone high (no, it is not actual cannabis), however, it effects can vary from person to person. With all the come-down effects known about drugs, it has been cited that such a drink may have similar effects, whilst at the same time, it may help you feel like you've had a really good day. An inconclusive answer, we know, however it is probably worth trying to gauge interest levels for yourself .

Certainly Instagrammable - yes, that is for sure - but whether they are everyone's cup of tea, SATORI & SCOUT are not sure. 'Calm, cool and collected' is the brand's motto, and that probably sums everything up accurately. Discover more about the beverage online at: takearecess.com

Photography credit : Recess

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