Cleaning Vegetables With Oway's Plantae

Introducing Oway, a brand which SATORI & SCOUT have recently fallen in love with, and hearing from the source (pun intended), the brand is now making moves into the culinary aisle. Known for their quality, healthy and clean 'agricosmetic' solutions, the brand offers skin care, hair care and much more as it strives to become a wholesome company in wellness and in product variety.

With a home based out near Bologna (Italy), Oway grows plants via a biodynamic method and as the brand describes, offers " plants, shrubs and aromatic herbs that become ultra-performing complexes of essential oils, extracts and hydrolates of our formulations. The biodynamic method is the purest and most effective type of cultivation: free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional agriculture, it respects the plant and the environment following 3 fundamental principles: keep plants healthy without using any chemical substances; keep fertile soil in cultivation using biodynamic preparations and cumulus; rely on the moon influence for proper sowing and harvesting and to obtain ingredients rich in active and nutritious elements."

Certainly more known for their various ethical hair and skin care solutions, Oway have now launched into the wide world of foodstuffs. Titled 'Plantae', this little bottle of goodness is a fruit and vegetable liquid purifier that removes chemical residues and dirt, and boasts being 98% naturally derived. Via the solution's biodynamic mint, organic pink grapefruit and ethically produced guava, Plantae removes such dirt without ever wasting water, absolutely ideal for perhaps travelling and camping, or indeed, around the home for the ever conservative-minded. Offering safer fruit and vegetable consumption, all of their freshness and fragrance is left unaffected whilst becoming the cleanest food items you ever saw.

Formulated according to the principles of the most advanced green chemistry which guarantees a perfect balance between natural formula and professional performance, maybe you need to add a bit of Oway into your life, or Plantae into your vegetable cleaning routine... Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Oway

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