Balanced Coffiest Breakfast By Soylent

A well balanced and nutritious diet is an obvious source of feel-good factor and a step towards a better aspirational lifestyle. Providing you with the ideal wake-up to power your morning, Soylent is a brand that manufactures foodstuff that is convenient, good value and healthy. Focusing on SATORI & SCOUT's favourite product within their offering, Coffiest is a balanced breakfast and your morning coffee, together in one convenient-subscription bottle.

A plant-based formula that provides 20% of your daily nutritional requirements and the same amount of caffeine as a strong cup of coffee, each great-tasting bottle contains 400 calories of plant-based nutritious goodness. If you wish to eat and drink better, yet still satisfy your morning caffeine fix, Coffiest is ideal. Containing soy protein, algal oil, coffee (of course) and L-theanine, this breakfast is quite a mixture.

SATORI & SCOUT love coffee and all it's benefits (yes, there are many benefits to the brown 'luxury' drink) and recently featured a subscription-based solution of Sudden Coffee; building upon the features as described with Sudden Coffee, Coffiest is all the more healthy, and it's great! With elegant branding to match, Soylent and their foodstuffs will appeal to those that live life in the fast lane and require something easy to kickstart their day, or even the average enthusiast just wanting to boost their nutrition instead of relying of high street coffee house's fattening alternatives.

From $37 for twelve Coffiest bottles, subscribe online at

Photography credit : Soylent

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