Pea Milk Of Rippling Benefits

Used in just about most foodstuffs commonly found on a supermarket's shelves, milk is that common-fold that it even has a World Milk Day occasion on 1st June every year. Whether you have the day marked in your dairies (or diaries) or not, it is quite magnificent how such a simple and staple part of our diet originates from such a poor-odour source (might not want to read that sentence again while eating breakfast).

Newly launched with the aim of reinventing the perception of milk, Californian based (USA) Ripple is a new plant based milk that describes itself as "...delicious, dairy-free milk that will transform lifestyles one glass at a time." Entering the ever growing dairy-free market, aspirational people world over are becoming aware of the health benefits of dairy alternatives, and whilst the milk market is full of dairy-free alternatives (coconut, almond, oat, rice, hemp or soy milk for example), Ripple is in fact made from peas.

Created via the blending of yellow peas with water and sunflower oil, and then sweetening the mixture with organic cane sugar and adding Vitamin D and other nutrients, Ripple has been said to be a "...return to the creamy and smooth flavours that makes milk gratifying." (Ripple). Boasting 50% more calcium, as much protein and half the amounts of sugar as traditional milk, Ripple's creamy and delicious mixture might just be worth trying, and adopting into your diet.

Without claiming that drinking such milk alternative will suddenly transform your world, Ripple has been named as such because the brand believes that the small incremental changes that people make on their diet as they become more educated about food science will have a rippling effect and together make a large change. Via transparent packaging, the purity of pea milk is hopefully understood, and with, arguably, more health benefits than traditional milk, SATORI & SCOUT are keen to adopt Ripple into our daily routine.

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