Stainless Clr Cff Coffee (Water)

SATORI & SCOUT are not at all shy about sharing our love for coffee, where the (de)caffeinated drink is really quite a morning-booster. Whichever your favourite coffee-type is, have you ever considered coffee that is clear rather than the typical brown? Our assumption is a 'no'.

Quite literally the first colourless coffee drink in the World, CLEAR COFFEE - aptly named - is made from high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water. Produced by methods which have never been used before, due to the combination of innovative 'secretive' technology and high quality ingredients, the drink is perhaps unique in taste, flavour and colour.

Without any preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilisers, sugar or any other sweeteners, SATORI & SCOUT are very impressed with the clearness of the liquid, all in all benefiting you for the sole reason of there being no staining of any teeth. Up til now, such a risk is often considered the main drawback to drinking the beverage, but no longer.

A London-based startup by Slovakian brothers David and Adam Nagy, their idea came about due to struggles with teeth stains that were entirely due to their caffeine-infused lifestyle. With media suggesting that the CLEAR COFFEE invention may well be a game changer€™ for both the fitness fanatics and the image-conscious alike, at the moment is only available at WholeFoods and Selfridges. More are likely to come soon. Discover more about the new caffeine choice at:

Photography credit : Clr Cff

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