Mix and Match Complements Chocolate

"Chocolate. The End." That was how your weekend went, didn't it? Huge fans of both design and chocolate, what is there not to like about Complements? Perhaps you love sweet things but are not entirely convinced by chocolate, one thing is for certain, we all love to mix our sugary treats up and often be open to try new flavours.

As the name suggests, Complements Modular Chocolates are both modular and complementary and by way of being a selection of delicious looking treats that can easily be slotted together by their natural stepped design, your taste sensations are sure to be at a high. A brilliantly conceived chocolate idea that utilises 3D printing and modular design, such Bakedown Cakery collaboration has taken personalisation to the next level.

A gift (to yourself or someone else) that's complementary as well, the modular chocolates combine in form and flavour to make something special. With flavours ranging from shortbread, blackcurrant, cherry, cookies and cream, watermelon, strawberry, lemon and many more, new flavours are sure to be had as you mix and match each piece with one another. Would you be able to stop?

With a desire to create something outside the box (no pun intended), Complements have created an original modular shape that was converted and 3D printed into chocolate moulds to create such eye-catching and tasty product. With an equal variety of colours in the chocolate foodstuff as the tastes themselves, the mouth-sensational flavours are sure to be luxuriously appetising and fun to eat. Discover more and purchase online at: https://www.complements.com.au/

Photography credit : Complements


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