Fine Dining Military MRE Meals

Whoever says that restaurant-food is the best, and that such wonderful Michelin-star gourmet meals cannot be reproduced at home? Taking one such thought further, how about attempting to make such dishes from military rations? Probably not advisable for the amateur chef, but here's the collective work of a professional chef, videographer and a photographer teaming up to create such wonderful dishes.

Chuck George, Jimmy Pham, and Henry Hargreaves have collaborated to engineer (pun intended) military ration meals - MRE, Meals Ready to Eat - into dishes that might be more commonly found at leading restaurants, on merit to their taste and aesthetic. Though such rations are characterised by unsavory pre-packaged tastes to the point that the MRE acronym has become more known as Meals Rejected by Everyone, the ingredients within which has undergone proper cooking.

Having searched the grey market to find military rations from across the world, the team explain that "...we wanted to see how different armies go about feeding their can tell a lot about how valued someone is by the food they are given. In respect to servicemen and woman across the world, we wanted to take these meals and elevate them to Michelin-star quality meals. In essence taking some of the most unappetising food, that's given to the bravest people, and making it look fit for the nation's leader." SATORI & SCOUT are certainly curious.

As shown, the plastic vacuum-wrapped foodstuffs have been converted into noteworthy meals and USA's entry to the mini-competition includes diced pear and energy bar with dry roasted nuts, complete with peanut butter and chili lime hot sauce. For Russia, on offer is pork brain with potato stew, beef, and red sauce; China boasts pineapple with charred sweetbread and lemonade dust; whilst South Korea recommends it's dried chicken with vegetables and rice, spicy sauce and boiling water as complimentary.

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Photography credit : Henry Hargreaves

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