Plant Power 2.0. Introducing Macacha Protein

Nutrition is a complex subject and towards the aspirational lifestyle, SATORI & SCOUT fully applaud Macacha and their work towards well-balanced foodstuffs. Though we as a studio don't claim to be foodology experts, be rest assured that it doesn't have to be complicated, in fact rather, Macacha overcomes all those lengthy research sessions and suggests 'complexity x simplicity' always wins. A quickly growing brand with a team full of yogis, nutritionists and 'eco-warriers', Macacha has been founded upon tens of years of experience and offers 'Plant Power 2.0' in the form of organic vegan protein blends. Boasting three flavours which are very aptly named Peace, Energy and Beauty, the combination of protein and relaxation coalesce together perfectly towards SATORI & SCOUT's favourite aspirational lifestyle. As we always say, 'Satori' is the act of learning, understanding and awakening to ideas, and here we present you what we reckon needs to be your next daily consideration.

Throughout all your busy daily schedules Macacha knows that the average person doesn't have the time or expertise to perfect a protein-based food intake, and so pursuing the simplest of nutrition, Macacha literally makes the most complex of nutrition ideas into something extremely simple. Pure and purposeful, each Macacha blend is environmentally conscious, entirely significant and wholesome. By the very premise that the lesser the number of ingredients present, the more important each subsequently becomes, Macacha focusses on just a 'significant six'. All free from preservatives, dairy, GMO, soya and all things artificial, Macacha's favourites include plant proteins such as peas and rice, ginger root, maca, seaweed kelp, cranberry, baobab and flaxseed. Discover more about their organic vegan protein ingredients here.

Mindfully made with zero faff, SATORI & SCOUT absolutely loved our experience of nutrition being done right, and you too can give Macacha a try at their online store, or in stockists such as Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and various others. Of course, also visit Macacha's own blog for all those vegan-based protein blend recipes where you can discover ideas such as whole roasted pumpkin or vegan apple and berry crumble, and hear exclusive talks with people such as yogi's favourite Sarah McFadden. Discover more online and available for purchase at:

Photography credit : Macacha

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