Holland's Small-Batch (Holy Water) Gin

No, not a religious-themed feature, but a suitably divine drink. Spiritual, #CHURCH began as independent party organisers from Groningen (Holland), and their off-shoot gin distilling began in 2015. Taking centre stage of their attention, the new gin was named Holy Water. As co-founder Jesse Terpstra explains, "...our collective started out organising parties and music events back in 2006, and core to every idea that came to fruition was the belief that we could do everything ourselves, and even better than anything already out there. This approach led to us hosting parties, with home-made food and local musical talent, that quickly caught on in the community." As he continues with regard to his gin making, "...the same mentality was key to launching our own gin. Our starting point was a love for a good gin and tonic and a spicy curry. We quickly learnt what was needed to make a gin that suited our tastes better than any gin already out there." Holy Water was born.

An almost evangelical distilling process, the experimental alcoholic drink developed from a basement idea to a consumable and professional product. With a distinguishable herbal taste, the gin is now produced at local Dutch distilleries but remains single-distilled and unfiltered to preserve its authenticity, original taste and artisanal quality. With a fantastic black and white motif, and gothic-inspired font as it's branding, #CHURCH hits many notes on SATORI & SCOUT's scales. Perfect for the true connoisseur, the small-batch, bold gin of Holy Water is matched entirely by its bold design, and here in our studio, we're confident that it will one day become a firm artisanal favourite. Discover more about the brand online at: HolyWater.church

Photography credit : Holy Water
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