Glassblowers Cocktail Making Toolkit

Glassblowing is a superbly intriguing product design subject, and ACAL graduate Emilien Jaury has created the most wonderful cocktail tools via creatively re-interpreting traditional glassblowing methods. A bar's essential toolkit, this collection creates that perfect link between the gestures of a professional glassmaker and those of a barman creating their liquid heaven. Featuring a measuring tool, glass, smoker, gradient and mixing tool, each have been designed to fit perfectly on the glass and used either independently or with one another.

A series built from glass tubes within bigger glass tubes, Jaury's inspiration and craftsmanship towards cocktail making are really quite compellingly artistic. With the measuring tool featuring two pieces of glass, one inside of the other, this container can hold 30 millimetres to measure the standard single measurement of alcohol. Positioning this at the top of the container, the liquid is then poured via a hole before being rotated to release. Suitable for either long or short drinks, the glass can house a drinking straw. Continuing further, the smoking tool features a thin cylindrical tube and diffuser whereby aromatic ingredients such as herbs can be inserted, set alight and smoked away. The gradient tool adds layers of colour to the mix, featuring multiple glass containers that create layering by way of bubbles and different liquid densities.

With none of the glass parts superfluous in use or design, this form follows function design collection has been executed wonderfully. Discover more about the design graduate online at: Emilien Jaury

Photography credit : Joahnnes Bauer
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