Chocolate 3D Printing For The Serious Cooks

There surely is only one thing better than the finest chocolate to pick your day up, or help you relax on a mid week evening, and that is for the luxury foodstuff to be a constant stream, on-demand kind of chocolate. Without suggesting that chocolate is fantastic as we're all about the healthy diet at SATORI & SCOUT, but to have a chocolate maker in your own home, now surely that's something we all want?

Dutch design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp have just designed a chocolate printer that can produce the much loved confectionery in intricate ways. The machine has been named XOCO, and the glass domed printer can create custom chocolate objects based on designs that you choose via its smartphone app. Aimed at innovative restaurants, serious hobby cooks and their guests, SATORI & SCOUT love this machine.

As Ontwerp explains, "...3D printing is by now an established creation technology - and one that often produces amazing results. The design of printing equipment itself however rarely evokes excitement." With the glass dome offering a visually open creation process, you might even enjoy the creation process as much as you do the customised chocolates. Featuring a circular plinth for which the glass dome sits upon and a reverse-side printing pillar that works by sourcing its chocolate from ink cartridge-like capsules, the confectionery items are created in no time. The printing pillar rotates to allow the print head to move up and down, side to side, all using coordinates and algorithms to guide the head and draw the chocolate. The plinth also features a multi-coloured LED circle that travels around the entire plinth to help users keep track of the printer's progression.

With capsules available in dark, white or milk chocolate, which would be your very first flavour? Hopefully commercially available soon, discover more at

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