Fast Food Aid For Guilty Pleasures

As ever, Japan is often leading the show on global trends and radical, life-improving ideas and SATORI & SCOUT reckon that Fast Food Aid could be another in the long standing line. Even if you are a superbly healthy eater - hats off to you if you are, we salute you - many of us have our guilty pleasures from time to time. Whether such an occasion occurs perhaps once a month, a week or maybe every day, Fast Food Aid is a really interesting concept.

Currently only available in Tokyo, though with global ambitions, Fast Food Aid is a vitamin supplement store that has a store environment more like a health laboratory than a pop-up shop. Considered the world's first supplement shop for fast foods, Fast Food Aid has been conceived by Ikkyu and Junya Sato of design studio Kaibutsu. A store that offers tablets to replace essential nutrients that are missing from foods such as hamburgers, kebabs, pizza or even their local dish, ramen, each are absolutely free. Free?

Yes, free. The concept of Fast Food Aid is that customers simply have to trade in the receipt of their latest fast food purchase, and in doing so, receive their healthy, sustainable dose of vitamins that should have been consumed otherwise. Also offering professional advice about health issues associated with such fast foods, the store aims to educate people to discourage them from choosing such non-nutritional meals.

Ikkyu of Kaibutsu design studio explained to SATORI & SCOUT the difference between their educational supplement shop and traditional pharmacies, whereby the store is located in the neighbourhood that it is (Harajuku) because people of the area "...have a particularly really bad eating habit". The store's windows do little to hide the fact that such supplements are free to limit supply, whereby customers are often "...surprised with the the supplements they have to intake when they understand how bad their itching habit is." With vast lengths of shelving that are full of vitamins' dispensers, the clinical-feeling store is really quite an aspirational concept. A truely high-wellbeing idea.

With funding from local healthy-eating restaurants, and with a vision to expand their concept across the globe to fast-food hot spots, watch this space, or more aptly, to better health! Discover more information online at

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