Instantly Pour-Over Your (DripKit) Coffee

It is no secret that one of life's best moments is sipping that morning coffee - there's a high chance that if you love SATORI & SCOUT, then you'd be a coffee drinker - (are we being biased?), and this new launch by a brand called DripKit is really quite original. Whether quite a coffee-snob or just one that loves 'proper coffee', pour-over coffee is widely recognised as the 'proper way' to make your brew.

The coffees made at Costa, Starbucks et al. are certainly not pour-over, but this little product launch by DripKit can make your introductory into the artisan method easier for the amateur, or all the more convenient for the experienced drinker. Specifically aimed at those who can taste the difference between good and bad coffee but perhaps aren't committed to the cause to have all the gear (and no idea?), DripKit was founded by Kara Cohen and Ilana Kruger and SATORI & SCOUT are loving the concept, design and idea. Enabling you to create your own pour-over coffee no matter where you are, this portable and convenient drinking solution is both well-designed and well-purposed.

In collaboration with design studio Prime, it has taken several years to perfect their brew - we mean design - and the final solution can enable you to achieve your desired pour-over coffee whether at work or if you're travelling, or simply if you really fancy a good coffee and your local coffee-shop is closed for the morning or day. With the perfect amount of (well-sourced) coffee pre-packed into each packet of goodness, simply open the coffee product over a cup and add hot water into the fuselage, instantly giving you that perfect coffee without the 'instant coffee' taste.

Easy and hassle-free, perfect. Instant. Discover more about the coffee solution online at: Dripkit.Coffee

Photography credit : DripKit
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