(Drive Coffee) Fuel For Your Morning

SATORI & SCOUT were recently introduced to this uniquely cool coffee brand and with it being formula one season - Hamilton or Vettel to win(?) - there was an air of aptness in their discovery. Little explanation is needed to illustrate that cars need fuel, nor that we often associate coffee as being caffeinated fuel, and so this brand - Drive Coffee - has taken this all very literally and introduced various flavoured coffee that has better branding than Force India's formula one title chances (low blow?).

The other meaning of the word 'drive' is obviously related to optimism and continuing to do something, and this is but one factor that the likes of Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, Bruce McLaren, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher all have in common; a drive to do things differently, to do things better, to embark on the never-ending quest for perfection. It was in this same spirit that Drive Coffee was founded. Approaching coffee like racing, Drive believes that details matter and with a decade of experience across the founder's team in coffee growing regions around the world - from Africa to Central and South America - when they say they know coffee from the ground up, they mean literally, soil up.

As Drive's founders describe, "...Coffee is one of the longest lasting, most important rituals in our lives. It is how we start each day, and often that first step in the process of putting our own Drive into action towards our goals and dreams. Coffee is the ignition to our day, and we believe in the power of coffee to tell stories and inspire." Strong branding exists with each coffee's packaging inspired by a petrol-style fuel can, and flavours include Le Mans (Columbian beans), Trophy (Sumatra), Imola (Ethiopia), Dakar (Peru) and Targa (Ethiopia). As ignition for the day, how far do we go to wonder that the world of craft beers and ales can extend its romantic quirkiness into coffee - craft coffee? Discover more and purchase online at: DriveCoffee.com

Photography credit : Drive Coffee
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