Icy Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Committed to creating a product that is uniquely delicious, Canadian artisan ice cream parlour Mister offers its premium quality snack with a difference. A high amount of detail has been considered by Mister, from ingredients, packaging and it's parlour's architecture, and of the highest taste standard, SATORI & SCOUT think you'll find their ice-cream and ideas really quite quirky. As you can probably see from outside your window, the weather is definitely wet and stormy at the moment, and whilst not wanting to perhaps rub salt into your eyes to promise more Summer along the line when it probably has most definitely passed for 2016 in Great Britain , everyone loves ice cream, don't they?

With a goal to create a meaningful community and be a destination for natural, delicious food that brings people together, Mister's Vancouver shop is really friendly and curiously interesting. Owned by Michael Lai and Tommy Cho, they have all their ingredients sourced from local farmers and what is most unique about the parlour is its omnipresence of liquid nitrogen within the ice cream that oozes out into the parlour's public's eyes. A curious feature of course, but the natural element makes up approximately 78% of the atmosphere and yet in its natural liquid state has an extraordinarily low boiling point of -196 degree Celsius. Without turning ice cream into a chemistry lesson, the usage of liquid nitrogen in the production process enables Mister to be able to rapidly freeze the ice cream at ultra low temperatures, resulting in much smaller ice crystals and less air than found in traditional ice cream, all giving the iced luxury a "...richer, creamier, and denser taste and composition, and removes the need for stabilisers or fillers", as Mister explain. With such a feature matched with the pure, all-natural ingredients of it's local farmers, the combination is really something.

The aesthetic of the parlour wishes to promote its liquid nitrogen process - which we can't imagine it is cheap to operate by any means - and to give it its internal icy aesthetic, Mister's architects Scott & Scott stripped the 1912 warehouse store bare to leave only an existing concrete ground and exposed brickwork. The fog and frost that is emitted from the machines and liquid nitrogen works really well with the architecture to give a visual spectacle for Mister's customers. As always, however, the main part that you're perhaps interested in is the ice cream's flavours, and on offer by Mister are a delicious selection of flavours that include crème brûlée, double Oreo, avocado, vegan pistachio, dark chocolate, lemon-frozen yoghurt and more. Extend your curiosities and discover more at MadeByMister.com.

Photography credit : MadeByMister.com

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