Self Mixing Enkaja Bottle Cocktails

Whether you're an avid cocktail mixer that uses the world's finest alcohol, fruits and flavours, or a trialist who's experience doesn't extend much beyond mixing coke with gin simultaneously and using a spoon to mix the contents, the Enkaja Bottle could be a great addition to your bartending capabilities. Inspired by how chemistry lab technicians mix a wide variety of chemicals or different elements to create something new that is surprising and often very different in appearance, the Enkaja Bottle is a modular system to aid in your concoction creations.

Composed of modular bottle tubes that each have foil plugs on their underside and caps on their tops to enable each one to be self-attached to another, the overall Enjaka tube becomes your very own depository of chemicals, giving you chance to fully experiment and test formulas of your own, or be your go-to place for your long-time favourite. Such a clever packaging proposal will really help with your mix-and-match mixology skills.

Developed by Valencia based Tatabi Studio, the packaging solution offers bottle tubes that are labelled and appropriately sized for 24 common cocktail ingredients, and separates these into three categories in its accompanying handbook: 'bases', 'spirits' and 'touches'. Bases include the likes of apple juice, cranberry juice, coca-cola, lemon and a few others, spirits include the likes of gin, tequila, vodka and more, and touches include the likes of chocolate, coconut, mint. Each stored separately in the bottle tubes, when you stack one above another, each separation foil opens and the mixtures combine. With a guidebook at hand, be safe in the knowledge that what you mix together will be guaranteed to bring joy and entertainment soon after!

Wanting to be the best party guest or holder possible(?), the bottle will admittedly take away the satisfaction of hand-concocting your drink, however the modular stacking and guaranteed results will more than provide enough satisfaction for any casual drinker. As Tatabi Studio explains, "...the decision to use chemical symbols on the packaging was a way to visually reinforce that idea of experimentation," and it is exactly this that makes this concept product so awesome. Curate your style and learn more from the designers at [infobox maintitle="Designers Of All Awesomeness" subtitle="As creators of concepts and ideas for brands with food, fashion and decoration in mind, the Enkaja bottle is essentially a concoction of all their strengths" bg="white" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]

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