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Did you know that making tea in the traditional way is kind of like cooking broccoli for your dinner, boiling it in a pan and then throwing out the actual vegetable to just be left drinking the resulting broccoli water? Obviously all quite silly when you write it like that, but making green tea - in much the same fashion - results in you ending up disposing 80% of the nutritional value and benefits into the bin. Such a concept is really well founded, where it is believed that coffee and energy drinks only give you one or two hours worth of energy benefits, whilst matcha (as described below) helps for more than four. Maybe its worth a switch?

A brand of Japanese green tea leaves that are handpicked and stone ground into a fine powder (known as matcha), Eat Clean Tea tries to give you 100% of the benefits that the natural ingredient has the potential to provide. Benefits that the powdered ingredient contains include long-lasting energy (no, not the usual caffeine anxiety rush), a boost to your metabolism and an aid to fat burning (both via its inherent thermogenic properties), a detoxing method (due to its toxin flushing ingredients) and ultimately clear skin as a result of everything aforementioned. With 137 times more the amount of antioxidants as present in normal green tea, Eat Clean Tea's matcha gives you lots of increased energy without the crucial tiredness crash that so many of us receive after a few beverage consumptions.

A natural, slow release source of energy that lasts for hours, Eat Clean Tea's matcha's benefits for metabolic rate and fat burning during workouts is highly proven by their logged laboratory experiments and testing at the University of Geneva. Also supported by the American Journal Of Nutrition, Eat Clea Tea market their quality product as being your 'personal bodyguard, fighting free radicals, and boosting your immunity with its high levels of antioxidants, chlorophyll and amino acids'. With such a resume of scientific support behind the brand, Eat Clean Tea is a favourite for many. Having understood and explored the health benefits ourselves, the sound of a massive antioxidant intake sounds all too appealing, not to mention the flavours that the brand offers - original, mint and ginger.

As explained at Eat Clean Tea, the Matcha and Mint flavour is for an increase of energy and digestion improvement via ground spearmint leaves and matcha green tea powder; the Matcha and Ginger also increases your energy, and additionally detoxifies your body and boosts your metabolism via its fiery combination of premium matcha green tea powder and stoneground ginger; all the while the original flavour is simply bursting with all things great and healthy. As a green powder - as you'd expect really, lets be honest - that has so many benefits and so little additives - none to be exact -, our team at SATORI & SCOUT cannot wait for our next drink's round. Available to purchase online at

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