Geometric Layer Cake By Dinara Kasko

No, not the classic movie (we had to get this reference in early), but these layer-ed cakes are equally sublime. Designed by Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko, the wonderful world of luxury confectionary has certainly seen an upgrade in it's technology driven ideas; these showcased foodstuffs are geometric expressions of flavour as well as form. Manufactured/handmade via 3D-printing technology, Kasko's art inspired cakes are described by her as 'geometrical kinetic tarts', and as you can see, these geometrically layered compositions are really quite unique. Designed collaboratively with Miami artist Josa Margulis, 3D software and it's necessary tools within a workshop have very much played their part in creating such inventive ideas. Replacing Margulis's usual sheets of plastic, aluminum and acrylic with edible alternatives, these cakes are an evolution of collaborative creativity. Offering various layers of sponge cake, almond cream, confit, streusel, mousse and of course, chocolate, fancy a bite?

Taking the form of topographic hillsides, the precise cutting ability of CNC routers has made such conceptions a reality. Undulating and ephemeral, you might almost think that each cake is too beautiful to eat. A fantastic play with texture, colour and angle, the way in which the light captures each cake is very much as if they were art gallery artwork pieces. Challenging what cake can become, the combination of sculpture, engineering and pastries has elevated Kasko into a domain of her own. Discover more about this cake project online at:

Photography credit : Dinara Kasko
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