Healthy Nectar Juice On Tap

The detox bandwagon has been riding for a while now, and SATORI & SCOUT are big believers in natural foods being central and a point of inspiration in any person's aspirational thinking and lifestyle. With various bars springing up in many cities across the world - we can instantly think of some in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and probably many more - it can often be discouraging to hear that some aren't as authentic as you'd hope. That said, Vancouver-based (Canada) Nectar Juicery is refreshingly real and genuine, where their design-centric approach to organic juicing is helping the brand to express itself the way in which it wants, rather than be any common fad.

With a focus less on weight loss and more on the inner-channelling of a balanced and healthy regime that will work within a busy schedule, Nectar's appeal is certainly one that our studio has been tracking. More than just cleansing juice, Nectar is a promise to be nourishing and to make sure that you are given the right start to the day.

Why do we spend so much time on our interior decor, but often so little on our minds and body? Some cultures see yoga et al. a core of every person's daily life, yet many Western countries do not practice anything. With vitality the juice's core competency, Nectar believe that their juice should be a daily consumption and should such mind activities not be your cup of tea - your bottle of juice? -, Nectar has partnered with various cafes in the vicinity to offer such great juice on tap, as if it were beer. Equally so, the company has set up several stores of it's own across Vancouver in a bid to make sure all locals are daily refreshed. With Nectar juice available to buy by the big bottle, you can certainly aim to consume daily while benefitting from economies of scale. Such an idea sounds logical, yet such purchasing-scale is innovative amongst the very competitive health food and drink scene; will Nectar be the leaders in the future?

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Photography credit : Nectar Juicery

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