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There is no question that many of you will absolutely adore meat, and even more so, love really good quality cuts. Whether you consider meat a staple part of your daily diet or prefer to mix up your meals as much as you can, when the time comes to cook yourself something that involves the succulent textures of meat, there really is no better than the highest quality of the protein source that you can afford. Farmison & Co is a relatively new company with a simple mission that aims to deliver the finest of Heritage meat all the way from the Dales and Fells to your door, at a fair price and in under 48 hours.

Offering only Heritage breeds, Farmison & Co wishes to preserve age old traditional husbandry. As Farmison & Co say, "...British breeds taste better..." and with some of the finest beef, pork, and lamb breeds in the world, breeding on the British Isles has been perfected since the 18th century. It is widely known that Heritage breeds yield a fuller flavour and Farmison & Co are definitely on a mission to convert the nation back to such age-old times, whereby the more such meat is demanded, the more British farmers will rear them.

Farmison & Co have known their farmer suppliers for years, and the whole company is founded on working with them closely each and every day so that everybody can gain from the fantastic partnership. As a customer of Farmison & Co, you can be confident that you are getting only the best of meats (we can fully support that statement as the meat batches we tried and cooked as we wined, dined and entertained were all very highly appreciated by our guests and ourselves), that farmers are receiving a very fair price and there is omnipresent mutual support and trust in preserving age-old husbandry. Common sense farming with all the perks of accessibility, price and authenticity equals Farmison & Co.

As master butchers, all of the meat is cut fresh to order, and with classic butchery comes exceptional quality with every mouthful. Farmison & Co's statement of quality states that the company are "...masters of dry-ageing meat on the bone, relax[ing] the meat to tenderness to ensure [an] intense, savoury flavour...", which continues with the ensuring that "...all of our prime beef is dry age matured, with our meats cut fresh specifically for your order and not before, for optimum quality." The farmers that supply the company command a big reputation from Michelin rated chefs, and with such confidence behind the suppliers, prime meat is now accessible to everyone.

Impressed enough yet? Whilst foodstuff is an industry that is very much reliant on the high street and local stores, Farmison & Co continue their innovative front by offering a fresh 48 hours delivery service on every order, with each coming directly from the actual butchers rather than a central frozen warehouse which further preserves integrity. As aforementioned, Farmison & Co also wish to deliver all their promises at a fair price, and you really would be forgiven for thinking that surely this isn't possible. Wanting to give you better meat at a price that doesn't break the bank, but also promising their farmers a fair price to ensure that all their sleepless nights are duly rewarded, Farmison & Co really is win win for everyone.

Not the usual afair, everything right the way from field to fork has been done correctly (and perfectly it seems) to ensure you receive quite literally the best meat you can afford. Strictly only using "...traditional farms and outdoor reared flocks and herds reared to their full potential on lush pastures..." does Farmison & Co operate, and with such stubbornness of company philosophy, the company really does aspire to continue ensuring that British husbandry is the best in the world.

As a customer to the website you are able to individually select your meats by type, and then sub-select by cut and cooking style. Some of the meats on offer are non-commonplace in a typical Superstore and as such the offering gives you a chance to try something new should you wish. Every meat on offer comes with a guide to its source body part within the animal and has supplementary meat recipes and cooking instructions. The breeds in which the meat originates from is well explained in the website's breed knowledge section, and this is a really good way to educate yourself about the meat that you are eating. To supplement the meat and make the shopping experience a one-stop destination, also available online are salts, seasoning, condiments, preserves and stock flavours. Should you never know which meat to buy during your shopping spree, perhaps try their meat boxes out; ideal for gifting, feasting or stocking the freezer, all of the various box sets are really great and give you a chance to try flavours you wouldn't otherwise choose, or perhaps be a returning customer to make your shopping super easy.

Fit for the top table, perhaps the final perk of the website's offering is their bespoke service. Whether you have a special cut or weight in mind, all you have to do is simply contact them prior to purchase and your exact requirements will more than likely be catered for... Discover more about the fine meat selection, and buy online at

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