Galipette Cider Of Honest French Roots

SATORI & SCOUT swears that most renown drinks brand is owned by one another these days: AB InBev a leading brands owner and operator. However, back to simpler times, French cider-making is an artisan industry that dates back to 8th century, and it is such authentic roots that gives rise to the contemporary alcoholic brand: Galipette cider. When quality was entirely derived from the quality of fermented apple juice, in a time when sweeteners didn't exist, Galipette's honest modern-day manufacturing pays tribute to such longstanding traditions.

With French cider widely acknowledged as some of the finest in the world, drunk at almost every dining opportunity in the local areas, Galipette serves a global market largely untrodden: low-alcohol and floral. Run by three entrepreneurs, the brand co-operates hugely with Brittany's hundreds of local apple farmers, whereby bottling occurs just down the road from where each apple is grown. With contemporary class in all of the brand's branding, the highly traditional cider is arguably everything you'd hope for in an apple-based alcoholic drink (so, cider then). Recently winning gold medal in the International Brewing and Cider Awards, perhaps Galipette is well worth a try. Discover more about the cider brewer online at:

Photography credit : Galipette
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