Environmentally Conscious BBQ Casusgrill

BBQs are man's best friend, right?! When the weather is right, could there be nothing more aspirational than spending time with family in the sun while dining outdoors? A traditional BBQ is all very well and good, but this new invention by Casusgrill might just make you think twice about their usage. A revolutionary 100% natural, sustainable and entirely disposable instant grill that is ready-to-go in just five minutes, the grill can provide heat for sixty minutes. Manufactured from FSC-certified cardboard and lined with natural lava stone, the grill reduces the risk of burns from any exposed metallic parts all the while creating that ever-so-desired high, even temperature for a good grilling session(s).

Using only natural materials that are compositionally brought together in a very simple design, the biodegradable option emits 55% less carbon dioxide than a traditional disposable grill. Complete with a bamboo rack (obviously still natural), the thermal insulative properties of the cardboard reduces the external temperatures of the grill. Upon completion of your BBQ, the entirety of your grill can be disposed of in a gardening waste only bin (for later disposal) or burnt away on your camping bonfire, leaving zero rubbish and components behind. Winners of a Danish Design Award, Casusgrill is certainly a brand with good intentions. Innovative and green, such a BBQ idea is perfect for those of you who are particularly environmentally conscious.

Discover more about the BBQ option online at: Casusgrill.com

Photography credit : Casusgrill
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