Embracing The Sober Lifestyle: Seedlip & Club Soda

In the heart of London's bustling streets lies a quiet revolution - a movement towards a more contemplative, sober lifestyle. With various independent brands and concepts, as well as multinational brands, dabbling themselves in the alcohol-free aisle for a short period of time now, here we highlight two that we think are worth a mention. Spearheading this shift is Seedlip, a pioneer in the realm of non-alcoholic spirits, and Club Soda, a haven for those seeking an alcohol-free nightlife experience.

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Seedlip, known across the UK for its innovative non-alcoholic offerings, is not just a brand; it's a beacon of sustainability and creativity. With a commitment to natural ingredients and mushroom-based packaging, Seedlip is on a mission to become carbon-neutral by 2022. Their lineup of distilled non-alcoholic spirits—Seedlip Spice 94, Seedlip Garden 108, and Seedlip Grove 42—captures the essence of nature, offering a delicious alternative for those seeking a sober sip.

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Club Soda Alcohol-Free Bar London

But Seedlip is just one piece of the puzzle. As the sober lifestyle gains momentum, venues like Club Soda are emerging as vibrant hubs for non-alcoholic nightlife. Nestled in the heart of London, Club Soda offers a serene escape from the city's traditional bar scene. Here, patrons can enjoy an array of alcohol-free options in a refined and welcoming atmosphere, proving that sobriety and socializing can indeed go hand in hand.

The rise of the sober-curious lifestyle is not limited to London's streets—it's a global phenomenon. From Australia's Brunswick Aces to Germany's Zeroliq, alcohol-free bars are popping up around the world, catering to a growing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives.

Club Soda Alcohol-Free Bar London

Embracing the Sober Lifestyle. Why The Trend?

But what's driving this trend? The COVD-19 pandemic certainly played a role, accelerating the sober-curious movement as people re-evaluated their drinking habits and alcohol expenditure. Alongside this, in the US, studies have shown a significant increase in problematic drinking, prompting many Americans to explore sober lifestyles. Brands like Seedlip and venues like Club Soda are leading the charge, offering innovative solutions and experiences that cater to this emerging market.

As we look to the future, it's clear that the sober lifestyle is here to stay. With Seedlip at the helm and venues like Club Soda leading the way, the world of non-alcoholic options has never looked brighter. So, whether you're a seasoned sober enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the alcohol-free waters, there's never been a better time to embrace the sober lifestyle.

Cheers to that - without the alcohol, of course!

Project / Brand: Club Soda  //  Seedlip Drinks
Photography: Club Soda  //  Seedlip Drinks

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