Coffee? Try Joy Resolve's Barisieur

Would you like to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee each morning? With the help of The Barisieur alarm clock by Joy Resolve, you can now do just that, except with added style and convenience. Whilst many a cafetiere, Aeropress, espresso machine or filter drip brewing equipment may exist, is The Barisieur the champions of champions when it comes to making a cup of your favourite ol' Jo?

Joy Resolve is an award-winning lifestyle brand thats set out to create products that challenge the conventions of technology, design and experience. Borne with contemporary living in mind, find curious the elegant craftsmanship of The Barisieur coffee brewing machine, complete with hand-finished wood and hand-blown glass. Beyond it's clear attractive aesthetics, enjoy the functionality of the machine by making best of it's numerous innovative functions such as Brew-To-Wake, Brew-On-Demand, an in-built alarm clock, an ever-so handy USB phone charging port, concealed mini milk fridge and super intuitive controls for setting said alarm and all your brewing preferences. The Barisieur is nothing short of your personal bedside barista - except without the wages (though also perhaps without the conversation)!

The Barisieur For Your Every Morning Coffee

Fantastic Filter Coffee On-Demand - Morning Or Afternoon

It is said that at around 94 °C, coffee is extracted fully without being burnt, ensuring a particularly intense flavour. With the machine capable of achieving this temperature, to ensure that the coffee comes at high convenience tailored just for you, make best use of it's brew-delay switch in which you may program your Barisieur to start brewing before the alarm rings, at the time the alarm rings or several minutes after. Or, if you're one to simply enjoy a cup of coffee in your afternoon rather than early in the morning, enjoy the Brew-On-Demand option to brew just that.

The Barisieur For Your Every Morning Coffee

Aesthetics Meets Function - The Le Corbusier Way

The Barisieur is as functional as it is interesting to admire. Manufactured from walnut wood and featuring hand-blown glass and modern technologies, the machine has the ability to both heat up it's water and keep your requirement of milk cold. Concealed within a special compartment, you can store a week’s worth of ground coffee or tea - it's as if founder Josh Renouf and the design team had thought everything through granularly (pun intended).

How Does The Barisieur Work?

Essentially a simple filter brewer, the device's heating system found within the base of the machine heats water into vapour to then rise through the glass tube. Upon the water progressing through and reaching the top of the spout, the vapour then condenses back to liquid water, thus being available to drip into the coffee filter module as any filter brewing machine would. With a two-layered mesh filter to let more coffee oils through, the result is a coffee perhaps more full-bodied than a typical filter coffee, complete without any grittiness or sediment at the bottom of the cup.

Beyond The Barisieur being a little work of art and a setup that raises curiosity into the workings of basic science, all the simple and accessible functional parts make it easy to use and clean to be more than just an aesthetic addition to any decor. Of course, with the coolest of brewing equipment around, it equally deserves the best of coffees - that is, speciality coffee. For our best recommendation, try GUSTATORY, with their coffee subscriptions as convenient and essential in any morning as your new favourite Barisieur. The perfect match.

The Barisieur For Your Every Morning Coffee

Features Of Joy Resolve's The Barisieur

Found within the box you may find:

  • Barisieur - as you'd hope
  • 150ml Glass Mug - essential requirement
  • 30ml Milk Vessel - oh' so conveninent
  • Boiling Vessel - also important
  • Genuine Wood Tray
  • Glass and Reusable Filter Dripper
  • Set Up Guide and Warranty - let the coffee pour!

The Barisieur For Your Every Morning Coffee

The Barisieur For Your Every Morning Coffee

Project / Brand: Joy Resolve
Photography: Joy Resolve

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