G.01. Nordic Spirits Lab x Akvavit

Introducing SATORI & SCOUT's new favourite brand, The Nordic Spirits Lab is a group of (yes, Nordic) specialists from both inside and outside of the alcoholic drinks industry. A group of curious, forward-thinking and ambitious individuals, their creativity is really quite amazing. Seeking new ideas, practices, technologies and experiences for gin-drinking, their inventions to date are new kinds of tastes and ways of enjoying the fantastic alcohol-type (please drink responsibly). Doing good, The Nordic Spirits Lab's overall aim is to come up with safe yet progressive solutions to some of the age-old problems of drinking.

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin x Akvavit Botanicals

Experimental Botanical Gin. A New Direction

SATORI & SCOUT totally agree with this approach - take alcohol in a new direction. Exploring everything that relates to drinks and drinking, from social, commercial, and scientific dimension, The Nordic Spirits Lab collaborate and experiment, deconstructing things along the way and putting them back together in a new novel way. Entirely experimental, the brand admits, "...sometimes we fail. Sometimes we succeed. But we always strive to discover something new."

With community backing from brand experts, mixologists, business strategists, designers, artists, inventors and scientists, a passion for reinventing the drinking experience is shared amongst everyone. Via collaborations with a select number of experts who are among the greatest innovators in their respective fields, their combined input encourages Nordic Spirits Lab to push the limits of what's possible.

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin x Akvavit Botanicals

G.01 Gin. Nordic Spirits Lab x Akvavit

The sum of everything as of today has led to the launch of G.01, a gin with akvavit botanicals, and more is promised to come. Akvavit has made a comeback among mixologists, and being a true Nordic classic, it's a liquor that takes great knowledge and careful craftsmanship to make. Sharing a lot of ingredients with gin, like coriander, angelica and lemon peel, it is the botanicals of caraway or dill that make everything taste fundamentally different. Given such similarities, akvavit is therefore the ideal companion to gin, upon which Nordic Spirits Lab's G.01 is the perfect distilled hybrid of both.

Quirky and fresh, it's a gin with a Nordic twist, and it's oh-so perfect for cocktails. Crafted from 10 carefully selected botanicals that are individually processed, distilled and blended to create the final recipe, the taste infusion includes bitter orange peel, juniper berry, angelica root and crown dill that all combine to have a strong and full taste with crisp juniper and coriander on top. Mixed within are subtle citrus and flowery notes to add yet another layer of complexity and elegance, and the very amazing finale of caraway and dill adds a further dimension.

An entire experiment into new tastes, it is this harmonisation of flavours that is the essence of Nordic Spirits Lab, and SATORI & SCOUT are really looking forward to the brand's future releases and anticipated growth and expansion. Deserved. 41% proof, discover a list of concept cocktails on their website; from 'Flaidercocktail' and 'Sorrel GT' to 'Red Onion infused Gin' and 'NSL Ramos Gin Fizz'.

Project / Brand: Nordic Spirit
Photography: Sweet Sneak

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