Cultured Coconut Cream By Koku NYC

A major problem with the food industry at the moment is the lack of allergen-friendly products that are truly comprised of 100% (or at least, close to) healthy, high quality ingredients. Whilst many sub-categories of food have seen an up rise in popularity in the previous 5 years, not least to mention vegan who perhaps fronts such a rise, this dairy-free ice cream (yes, you heard that right) by Koku NYC certainly offers an interesting proposition. With clean, vibrant and functional ingredients, this superfood boasts toppings that are fun, beautiful and super tasty. With less than 8 ingredients (or less) each time, this food is also super simple.

With all the usual values that you'd expect from such a brand: transparency (you deserve to know what you're putting into your body), health first (eating plant bases can change your life), best of both worlds (soft serve ice cream that is crafted from the fruit of mother nature can be delectable), and planet-first (ice cream that doesn't harm our environment); SATORI & SCOUT are loving everything they are hearing.

Entirely dairy free (yes, still definitely super-food), Koku NYC is a soft serve yogurt-cum-ice-cream that is allergen-friendly, hydrating, super photogenic and tasty. Founded by New Yorker Carli Blum, Koku's ice cream menu serves a variety of gorgeous ice creams - glow, immunity, vitality, zen - and each are super soft and creamy just like their dairy equivalent, yet packed with all the added benefits such as probiotics and enzymes, let alone all the benefits that their added toppings such as organic banana, cacao, blueberries, pollen et al. could provide. Made entirely from cultured coconut cream that has been sweetened with honey - doesn't that sound so great? - Koku's idea is really refreshing and totally on the money (and easy on the eye). Supporting local manufacturers with locally sourced ingredients, Koku is prioritising a sustainable supply chain and planet-first approach.

Uplifting and full-of-life, SATORI & SCOUT really recommends giving Koku a try. That said, the ice cream is currently only available in NYC, so you might have to wait until your first taste. Discover more about the superfood idea online at:

Photography credit : Koku NYC
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