Like Your (Melbourne) Coffee Deconstructed?

Have you ever wondered when you step up to order a coffee at a coffee house just how much profitability each make per cup? Presumably high in order to cover the high rent that coffee houses are usually coupled with (based on their popular high street locations) given that the overall unit cost is relatively low and that the commodity is definitely a high volume sale, but have many Melbourne (Australia) hipster cafes gone too far?

Much of the cost of drinking a coffee in a cafe, or buying one to takeaway, is perhaps to cover the staffing costs required to spend time and make the actual hot beverage, and yet a craze that is being popularised out of Australia's quirkiest Melbourne's streets is coffee that is served separated (deconstructed). If you were served a coffee that has been separated into 3 cups / jugs for each of its hot water, milk and coffee, would you think that its pretty cool and unique, or that the barista has simply only done half their job, after all, surely there's skill in knowing the consistent mixing quantities and volumes to create the perfect coffee?

As an epicentre of the hipster movement, the latest craze out of Melbourne has got the world's coffee lovers talking and SATORI & SCOUT reckon that opinions are pretty 50/50 with regards to liking and hating the idea. Jamila Rizvi on a Facebook post that has gone viral quicker than it takes to make a coffee or brew makes her opinion known, "...Sorry Melbourne but no. No no no no no...", and continuing, "Hipsterism has gone too far when your coffee comes deconstructed," she states as she waits 20 minutes for three separated beakers of coffee, milk and water to be prepared.

Such an opinion has been widely cited and agreed, though our favourite comment of Rivzi's was the moment that she "...wanted a coffee. Not a science experiment. I prefer to drink my beverages out of crockery and not beakers...This must stop."

If you are on the side of the fence that is to the defence of such a quirky coffee presentation technique, one comment by the viral post's commentator was that "It 100% would have said that it was deconstructed on the menu. Stop complaining about it and go somewhere else," or "...has no respect for coffee...invest in a Nespresso machine if your not interested in quality". A hot debate, clearly.

The team at SATORI & SCOUT would really like to make a joke and suggest that everyone should just lay off the offensive on such an idea and drink tea instead, such are our British backgrounds, however we do much prefer coffee ourselves...

What are your thoughts? A fashionable fad, or actually quite quirky and totally acceptable?

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