Wardrobe.NYC With New (Buy Better) Capsule

Whether you consider yourself a Fashionista or more of a wear-what-you-see kind of person, the concept behind a 'capsule wardobe' is a well-curated selection of interchangeable clothing items which are each complementary to one another, often by the same (or similar) designer. The latest 10-piece (and available as 5-piece) performance-sports capsule collection by new fashion brand Wardrobe.NYC is one certainly worth considering.

A brand headed by designer Josh Goot and stylist Christine Centenera, Wardrobe.NYC is now offering their second collection of 'Designed in NYC, Made in Italy' items, and is a brand that has particularly caught SATORI & SCOUT's eye in recent months. Why? The brand is a conceptual composite of luxury essentials that is designed for a modern urban life and priced without retail margins. Supreme in quality (and produced in limited quantities), Wardrobe.NYC is essentially anti-fast fashion; 'Slow-fashion' is a remit that SATORI & SCOUT certainly supports. Buy less, but better. A liberating concept that is being adopted by various brands in various industries, this newly available capsule collection is sure to simplify your life.

Such a collection would set you back $1500 for 10 items, however their well-curated monochromatic collection of clothing is certainly 'essential'. As part of cost and stock waste reduction tactics, all of the clothing items are only available in the one colour and customers are only allowed to choose each item's sizing. Featuring a duffel-bags worth of t-shirt, long sleeve tee, track top, windbreaker, leggings, running short, track short, track pants, and a pair of Adidas Yung-1 trainers (which are white we might add), here might be your first step to luxury performance sportswear.

A brand aiming to always deliver luxury simplicity rather than fashion's typical 'hit and miss' season collections, will you overcome impulsive shopping and buy less, but better? Discover more and purchase online at: Wardrobe.nyc

(Photography Credit : Wardrobe.NYC

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